Tuesday night homegroup

The Tuesday evening homegroup meets at the home of the minister. This group meets fortnightly and at explores various books of the Bible. The group starts at 8pm and finishes about 9.30pm. 

At present there are eight of us in this group. We hope more will join us and we are always thinking of people who could be invited to this group. Anyone is welcome at this group whether you are new to church or been in church for longer.  

We have recently been working through the material by Saddleback Church in America written by Rick Warren called "What on earth am I here for?" It is material that covers 6 sessions and is proving very thought provoking as Rick Warren teaches on the purposes we have as Christians. We have also worked through a course called "The Big Picture" course. We have read and discussed Rowan William's book "Being Christians" and are about to begin the Rowan Williams book "Being Disciples". 

For more details about this group please contact Ruth Bradley on 01706 369622. 

The programme is:

Date Venue Leader Theme to be discussed 
5.6.18 The Manse  Richard  Being Disciples 
19.6.18 tbc tbc  Faith, hope and love 
3.7.18 The Manse  Richard  Forgiveness 
17.7.18  tbc tbc  Holiness 
4.9.18  tbc tbc  Faith in Society 
25.9.18  The Manse  Richard  Life in the Spirit