Weekly Sunday Morning Worship 
The first of our Sunday services is our 10:30am Family Service and the second is our 6.30pm evening service

The morning  service has the larger congregation. The first fifteen minutes are when all ages are gathered together. After fifteen minutes the children and young people continue in worship and learning in their age specific groups. 

Holy Communion is celebrated once a month in both the morning and evening services. In the morning service on the first Sunday of the month and in the evening service on the third Sunday of the month. At our monthly morning communion service the children are in age specific groups at the start of the service and come in later where all the church family join together in communion. 

We often welcome families for Baptism. We tend to allocate one Sunday a month to baptisms. 

We are blessed with many gifted musicians at Bamford Chapel and Norden URC and we try and utilise the gifts of all of them.   

Each week following our morning and evening services prayer is offered  for anyone who wants it. We have a number of people on our prayer team. 

Weekly Sunday Evening Service 
Our weekly evening service is at 6.30pm. This service is attended by fewer people than the morning service and allows for more flexibility than the morning service. Styles can vary at this service too. 
From September 2017 we will altering the timing and formality of the evening service. The service will begin at 6.30pm and will alternate between being a formal service and an informal service. 

The table below shows the services September, October and November 2018:  

If you want to listen to sermons then they can be accessed via the "audio" tab on the homepage of the website

2nd September  10.30am Revd Richard Bradley  Communion 
2nd September  6.30pm Joanne Ackroyd  Informal Style  
9th September  10.30am Project Committee Project Launch Service 
9th September  6.30pm David Watson  Formal Style  
16th September  10.30am Revd Richard Bradley  Harvest Service 
16th September  6.30pm Revd Richard Bradley  Informal style with Communion  
23rd September  10.30am Margaret Ogden   
23rd September  6.30pm Revd Richard Bradley  Formal Style 
30th September  10.30am Ken Greer   
30th September  6.30pm Anne Fitton  Informal Style  
7th October  10.30am Cath Atkinson  Communion 
7th October  6.30pm Dot Craig  Formal Style 
14th October 10.30am Revd Richard Bradley   
14th October 6.30pm Revd Richard Bradley  Informal Style 
21st October  10.30am Revd Richard Bradley & CathnAtkinson  
21st October  6.30pm  Cath Atkinson Formal Style with Communion 
28th October  10.30am Andy Platt   
28th OCtober  6.30pm Joanne Ackroyd  Informal Style  
4th November  10.30am Revd Richard Bradley  Communion 
4th November  6.30pm David Watson   
11th November  10.30am  Revd Richard Bradley  All Age / Parade Service  
11th November  6.30pm Anne Fitton  Informal Style  
18th November  10.30am Rev Richard Bradley & Cath Atkinson   
18th November  6.30pm Revd Richard Bradley Formal Style with Communion 
25th November  10.30am Margaret Ogden  Toy Sunday 
25th November  6.30pm Revd RIchard Bradley  Informal Style