Monday night homegroup


The Monday night homegroup gives us the opportunity to discuss topics with reference to our faith. Some of the issues we have discussed include: the Sunday Sermon; euthenasia; world conflict and forgiveness.

Each week we discuss a new topic so that it is not essential to attend every session. 

The group meets at 8pm for coffee and sharing joys and concerns. At about 8.15pm we have a prayer followed by an introduction to the discussion and we close at 9.30pm. Some members remain for more informal chat.

You are welcome to join us and see if this is for you or if you have a burning issue you want to discuss with fellow Christians. 

For more details contact the hosts Addie and Barbara Redmond on 01706 345559 or 07983 714195.

Below the homegroiup programme for September to December 

Date Topic Leader  Venue 
11.9.17 I Daniel Blake (openg evening)   Chapel 
18.9.17 Discusssion of "I, Danile Blake"   Addie and Barbara's
25.9.17 "Good Newsing" Addie Addie and Barbara's
2.10.17 How hard is it to be God Andy Addie and Barbara's
9.10.17 500th Anniverssay of Reformation    Chapel 
16.10.17 Holy Habits: Eating together  Barbara Addie and Barbara's
23.10.17 Standing against Sin Julie Andy and Julie's 
30.10.17 Somebody's eyes Gillian J Addie and Barbara's
6.7.17 Jesus shaped Church  Lawrence Moore  Addie and Barbara's
13.10.17  Does religion matter Finlay Addie and Barbara's
20.10.17 Conversation with Cath  Cath Atkinson Addie and Barbara's
27.11.17 Sabbatical Experiences (3) Richard  Addie and Barbara's 
4.12.17 Why I think God is a man Dot Addie and Barbara's
11.12.17 Christnas celebration with crafts  Gillian G Addie and Barbara's