At Bamford Chapel and Norden URC we are a church that doesn't just just think of ourselves and our needs but the needs of others. Foe example we have the following area of ministry....

Pastoral Care Group

Every Monday morning a group of memebrs and Elders meet together to share concerns about the Church family. We go through each Elders' list each week and give out flowers from the church service. We also ask pastoral visitors or Elders to visit people we know are ill or in need of pastoral contact from the church. It is a greatly appreciated ministry. 

Prayer Ministry

Following each of our morning and evening service members of the prayer team will be available for anyone who needs a quiet time of prayer. We have a "prayer zone" in Church where people can go for a time of prayer either on their own or with one of the prayer team. 

Emergency Meal Scheme 

For those who may have been in hospital, had a baby, or had a bereavement. We offer a meal scheme at Bamford Chapel and Norden URC. This means that members of the church will offer a main meal to anyone (individual, couple or family) for fourteen days. This is done via rota online that those who are able can offer meals to others. This is a greatly appreciated ministry of which many people have been recipients of. If as a member of Chapel you feel you need this ministry please contact Addie Redmond who will set the ball rolling! He can be contacted on 01706 354559. 

Car Ferry 

We offer a scheme whereby if someone is struggling to drive themselves to a hospital or medical appointment there are a group of people who have volunteered their time to take them to and from appointments. This has been appreciated by many people. This is organised by one of our Elders and if as a member of Chapel you feel you need t his facility please do not hesitate to contact Addie Redmond on 01706 354559.


Two members from the Church help each week at the Rochdale Foodbank. We also have a box in church where people can place items for the foodbank. One of the volunteers empties the box weekly and takes the food to the foodbank. For more information on the foodbank please click the words "Rochdale Foodbank" above. 

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